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Case Study: Buffalo Wild Wings

Reporting like this is fundamental…

POSCircle1Buffalo Wild Wings, one of the top 10 fastest-growing restaurant chains in the country, features a full menu from salads to appetizers to burgers and specialty items. And of course don’t forget the wings! They make it fresh and oh so good! With 14 signature sauces to go with your wings, any game day party or just regular old week-night dinner will be a hit! Great for game days too. Naturally, in a casual dining establishment like Buffalo Wild Wings, inventory tracking is critical. And to do this effectively, Rian Hurd, Director of Operations, chose the inventory management system by WhenToManage.

“The Inventory Management system allowed us to pin point those little mess-ups each day and determine the problem,” said Hurd. Using the standard variance report within the WhenToManage inventory management application, Buffalo Wild Wings zeroed in on anomalies in the inventory. “Every restaurant has a variance tolerance they will accept. Using WhenToManage we are able to calculate protein inventory variance, set the level we wanted and watch for changes.” The standard report Hurd uses highlights information useful to any operator. Users can select the stores they would like to monitor, choose a count time line (such as a weekly count) and even query by category. “We use the report during our weekly manager meetings. We actually talk about the variance so each manager can dig in on the problem. It could be a skim of wings, or a server that messed up an order. We know quickly because of the report and it enables us to coach, or find theft; either way the report tools have saved us hundreds of dollars a week, easily,” explained Hurd.

Restaurant Inventory Management System

Reporting like this is fundamental to the cloud-based WhenToManage restaurant inventory management application, as the data travels from the point of sale (POS) system to the web-based reporting application. Users can also mark particular reports as a “favorite” so as to keep their managers focused on the biggest issues. “WhenToManage has allowed us to catch problems before they arise, we are proactive. Truly, can you put a price on that? All the little things add up in this business and because of the system we run a much tighter and more profitable ship.”