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Peachworks introduces its ‘open-platform’ dubbed PEACH. From our point of view, data should cause movement and encourage innovation. Never should systems have at their core complicated interfaces or functions that limit creativity. Allowing those who value innovation, the ability to develop and implement tools that address their specific needs, is Peach.

Consumer apps that are beautifully designed, and simple and desirable to use are at the cornerstone of our personal lives, whereby until now, technology in the workplace has been something we have to rather than want to use.

Jeff Schacher, Founder of PeachWorks

Peach will allow operators to enjoy the benefits of customized software without actually having to undergo an expensive and arduous customization process.  It will provide enhanced capabilities to easily utilize data in new and creative ways, allowing operators to reduce costs, increase profits and sales, improve productivity and much more.

Features are as followed:

Powerful API

icon_large_integrationThe API allows secure access to every bit of data in the system from the outside world. This is relatively non-existent in the restaurant tech world and sorely needed. Integrate any system with ease, build a mobile app, import data from legacy systems, the opportunities are endless.


Database_1At the heart of every restaurant operation is the Point of Sale, the transaction data has great influence over every business decision made, from marketing, to labor and service, to purchasing, inventory, and recipes. It’s at the heart of our system as well so sharing that data with all of your other systems is easy.

Responsive Web Design

displayThis simply means that the product works on every size device. An application that works the way you do, it looks and works the same on your phone and your desktop without the need to install anything extra.

Robust Business Intelligence

business intelligenceIt’s all about the data and the new platform gives it to you. You can have the firehose or funnel it into the precise bits of information you need, get alerts, ad hoc reporting and dashboarding. Stay connected with your data like never before.