About Us

Helping restaurant operators save time and money

Originally founded in 2005 and acquired by Beyond in 2017, PeachWorks operates with the goal of making restaurants more successful. Our restaurant management expertise and innovative software solutions streamline and simplify back-office restaurant operations.

Today, our cloud solutions simplify reporting, inventory management, employee scheduling, and recipe management. It’s our priority to connect the people in an organization to the tools needed to run a successful thriving business.

All of the PeachWorks apps are hosted in the cloud, providing anywhere access through a web connection on any device; whether it’s a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. No matter how many locations you have, we make your restaurant data accurate and easy to interpret.

We are passionate about helping our customers solve their business challenges, improve their operations, and increase their profitability. Many restaurant managers and corporate executives spend a good amount of their time on tasks that software applications can and should be managing. By leveraging restaurant software from PeachWorks, restaurateurs gain visibility into their data, which enables better decision-making.  Thie helps them to focus on their customers in the front of the house, by providing the comfort of knowing that key operations are being managed in a secure, robust environment.

Beyond strives to help owners of small and mid-size businesses save time and reduce costs by simplifying their complex back office operations. The Beyond integrated suite of business tools and services includes payment processing, payroll, lending and point-of-sale. Every client is provided with the reliable, flexible, and secure business solutions they need in a transparent manner they can trust.


The Ideas our Restaurant Software is Built On

Restaurant software that's easy to use


So your six-year-old can manage your restaurant inventory

Not all integrations are the same. It’s easy to say you integrate with this POS or that accounting system. The success of your back-office depends on the quality of those integrations. For over a decade, PeachWorks has led the restaurant technology industry with POS integration and our best-of-class data tools.

Restaurant software that's powerful


Because you shouldn't need to know what an In-Store Profit & Loss Statement is in order to create one

We offer powerful tools hidden behind the beautiful interface by building intelligent systems that put the data you need right where you expect it.  And our dashboards and reporting engine offers the ability to get at exactly what you want - whether it's the fire hose or a funnel of precise bits of information with alerts and ad hoc reporting.

Restaurant software with an open API


"API-first," is techy speak for, "Do anything you want."

The API allows secure access to every bit of data in the system from the outside world. Integrate any system with ease, import data from legacy systems, customize our apps to fit your business, or build your own - the opportunities are endless.