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WTM Inventory

WTM Inventory
PeachWorks functionally has everything we do need and nothing we don't – very easy for our staff to understand. We found other software vendors offered products that were hard to integrate with. That wasn’t the case with PeachWorks, we’re very impressed. It's utterly headache free.
William Spach; CFO, Vittles

For most restaurants, inventory costs are the largest expense, but managing restaurant inventory is hard. Unlike retail establishments, what your buy from your vendors and what you sell to your customers are completely different things. Menu and recipe changes need to flow down into ingredient inventory controls for ingredients subject to shrinkage and spoilage. And you work with multiple vendors of products, and there are typically few standards and processes in place.

WTM Inventory manages all of the information relevant to managing your inventory - vendors, items, costs, and recipes - makes the data accessible and easy to understand. It provides you with a more complete and accurate view of your entire inventory, with the ability to easily track items, add receipts for items purchased, transfer items between locations, declare waste and even receive an alert when key items are running low. And you can setup your recipes with our pre-populated ingredient database to easily compare your actual usage of each ingredient vs. the theoretical usage based on your sales data - making it fast and easy to identify opportunities to control waste and shrinkage.

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WTM Inventory connects to the most popular POS systems and food vendors. Pull your sales data, create and send purchase orders, and manage invoices - all from your web-based account.


Actionable Reporting

Track ingredient use, cost variances, and store-to-store transfers, while also identifying waste and discrepancies. Calculate your weekly food costs and inventory usage, but also manage more complex variables like yield ratios of items used in batch recipes or butcher events.



Stop guessing! WTM Inventory learns your usage trends over times to suggest ordering volumes based on your historical data.


Digital Log Book

Comes included with your subscription. Why pay for paper books?