Get a hold on your labor costs

WTM Schedule

WTM Schedule

Looking for a powerful, yet easy to use employee scheduling solution? WTM Schedule provides the simplicity of a spreadsheet, the look of Gantt bar schedules, the speed of drag-and-drop, the power of labor and sales forecast data, and the intelligence of real-time business rule conflicts and overtime alerts - all in a single window.

Imagine spending less time on creating schedules and managing conflicts. Or where restaurant employees can view their schedules and manage availability requests from the internet, email, or mobile text messages. Employees can log in securely to view posted schedules, request days off, set preferred shifts, update availability, and swap shifts with other employees, while store managers have the ability to quickly and easily approve or reject requests as they need.

What would you do with an additional 5-6 hours a week? 


Save Money

Control labor costs with forecasting and let your managers spend less time on scheduling tasks with copy/paste shift creation and auto-scheduling functionality.



Send schedules via text messages or email. Choose from features that allow employees to swap shifts, change availability, and request time off pending manager approval.



Add employee availability and time-off preferences to employee profiles, and allow employees to swap shifts through the employee portal or via mobile.



View all relevant schedules and pending changes from your manager or employee dashboards. Easy employee roster lookup and print options let you quickly get the information you need.


Digital Log Book

Comes included with your subscription. Why pay for paper books?



Keep your labor management in sync with your POS settings, enforce shift control, and more.