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WhenToManage Helps Multi-Store Operator Save 70% On Overtime Wages

COUNTYLINEEvery so often we get a little love from our users, but the love is even sweeter when it comes with real numbers to measure against!

County Line Bar-B-Q is one of those operators. If you haven't been to a County Line Bar-B-Q, do yourself a favor and go! They combine the best ingredients with a reasonable price resulting in a fabulous and truly authentic dining experience! With multiple locations in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas you'll be sure to find one that fits the bill.

County Line Bar-B-Q began working with WhenToManage about a year to the date. Last year, close to the Thanksgiving holiday, Carter Hobbs, Director IT at The County Line, and Walker Thompson, VP Sales and Marketing at WhenToManage, began discussions about utilizing a labor scheduling solution to control the rising labor costs the company was experiencing. After the stores started using the system, well, let's just have Carter Hobbs say it...

We implemented WhenToManage because we knew that the coming regulatory climate would require us to better track and control our labor costs in the future. Our WhenToManage reps worked with us diligently to get the system installed in all of our stores, including the integration with our POS provider. 

We have always been mindful of labor costs, so this is a metric that we're very familiar with. The overtime component of labor, however, has been an elusive target for us. Therefor, we made that reduction of overtime our primary thrust after implementing WhenToManage, and we have been quite happy with the results. One of our stores cut their overtime wages by almost 70%, largely using the scheduling and forecasting tools of WhenToManage. This equates to thousands of dollars per year, per store. 

The surprise secondary benefit to us was the improved ease and speed of communications between the managers and the staff. Several managers have commented that the transition was simple for the servers - they were up and running with it in almost no time. 

All in all, we're quite happy with our choice to partner with WhenToManage!