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Are You Ready to Report Nutritional Information?

The May 5, 2017 menu labeling regulations deadline is approaching, and if your restaurant has already completed menu nutrition analysis, you may be in a good position to meet that deadline. Restaurants with “20 or more locations doing business under the same name and offering for sale substantially the same menu items” will be required to comply with the FDA’s menu labeling regulations. This means posting certain nutrition information for standard menu items on menus, menu boards and elsewhere in the restaurant. If you haven’t already done so, completing an accurate menu analysis according to FDA’s reasonable basis standard should be your top priority now. If you already have complete menu nutrition analysis, your next step should be verifying the accuracy of your current nutrition information. 

As outlined in the FDA’s menu labeling guidance document and the final rules, restaurants must have a “reasonable basis” for nutrient declarations. In other words, restaurants must meet specific requirements to determine the calorie information listed on menus and menu boards and values for the required additional written nutrition information. The FDA states that it may require, upon request and within a reasonable period of time, restaurants to provide information substantiating nutrient values, including the method and data used to derive these nutrient values as well as up to two statements attesting to accuracy and reasonable steps. 

Make sure you have the tools that will allow you to easily report nutritional information on your menu items.

PeachWorks Recipes is the easiest way to get nutritional information and ideal ingredient usage for every item on your menu. With Recipes, you can quickly manage your recipes using our global ingredient database that taps into sources including the USDA. Build menu components for commonly used groups of ingredients, and use them over and over in multiple menu items.