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7 Tips for Creating an Awesome Guest Experience

Creating a unique guest experience is one of the best ways to grow your restaurant business. You can no longer compete on price. Guests want more and that includes more emotional connections when dining. You need to create a point of differentiation that you can use as a competitive advantage.

Here are seven strategies you can use to increase guest satisfaction, reduce churn and increase revenue. 

  1. Make sure your guests feel important.  Treat your guests as the most important part of your business. 
  2. Collect feedback.  Everyone wants to be heard. Try to collect feedback from every guest without pestering them too hard.
  3. Recognize birthdays and anniversaries.  Make sure that your Hosts are paying attention to birthdays and anniversaries on reservations when greeting guests.  
  4. Address bad experiences. Make sure you attend to all negative comments promptly. Do not let the customer leave your restaurant unhappy.
  5. Give your guests space.  While having the maximum number of tables to accommodate as many guests as possible, ensure you have enough space around the table to ensure your guests are comfortable and they have their privacy. 
  6. Pick the right music. Using the appropriate music can create a fantastic ambience and good music improves the appetite. 
  7. Deliver consistency. Restaurants who offer a superior guest experience have developed their capabilities to please guests again and again. They have systems in place to deliver a consistent guest experience over and over again. 

Leaders know how to keep innovating and improving the guest experience and they make it a top priority. If you make the customer #1, they will return the favor.