Smarter technology = smarter business decisions

It’s the middle of the lunch rush when you get a notification on your cell phone: Your patrons have already ordered so many antipasto salads that you’re starting to run low on this week’s count of fresh mozzarella. You contact your distributor to plan another delivery.Mozzarella wrapped in proscuitto stacked high, uncookedMeanwhile, another notification tells you that you still have a lot of prosciutto, and POS data shows it hasn’t been selling as well this week; you make your fig and prosciutto arugula salad this week’s special and notify your waitstaff to begin recommending it.Two very common problems, both solved through smart insight…sound impossible? Not when you’ve got the right tech in place.Today, we’re excited to announce that two of our newest restaurant management technology solutions – Whisk and POS Hub – are integrated with the market-leading Aloha and Micros POS systems. Click here to get the full details.Through these connections, restaurateurs are able to get real-time data on what’s selling and what’s not – as well as what’s in stock and what’s running low. It’s the kind of insight that helps you make smart decisions for your restaurant and keep things running smoothly and profitably.Sound good to you too? Contact us today to learn how to make smarter business decisions through smarter technology.