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Jim Kanir, CEO of PeachWorks

Jim Kanir, CEO

What’s the best thing you ever ate? I was working in Tokyo Japan and the Japanese team took us out for our celebration dinner at Nigawai. The eight course menu was preset by Head Chef Tatsuya Nakayama, and it included two separate courses of blowfish Sushi. I was very nervous about the complexity of the menu and the blowfish, but the team had assigned two Geishas who had attended Harvard to guide us through the different courses of the meal. By the time we got to the blowfish course, I was feeling good and confident. It was incredibly tasty, and its danger made it quite exotic. That dinner turned out to be one of my fondest memories of working in Tokyo, and to this day I have kept my copy of the menu as a reminder. 

What Jim does at PeachWorks: Jim is the chief executive officer of PeachWorks and responsible for leading and generating business growth for the company. He is a seasoned executive in the world of software, with extensive management success in growing and accelerating global enterprise and SaaS companies, serving a wide variety of industry end customers. Prior to PeachWorks, Jim served as CRO at Vox Mobile and SVP of Sales & Marketing at Billtrust, and the CEO of Cohesia. He's a graduate of Wilmington College, with a degree in business.

Jeff Schacher, Founder and President at PeachWorks

Jeff Schacher, Founder and President

What's the best thing you ever ate? Growing up in Michigan meant that I didn’t have good “Mexican” food until I moved to NYC. Harry’s Burrito is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC and is my favorite for two reasons. The first reason is my wife and I had our first date there. I guess it was a good choice :) The second reason is that they have a BBQ Chicken Burrito. It’s a delicious pulled chicken burrito all by itself, but then they mix a sweet BBQ sauce in with the chicken. It is amazingly delicious, but you can’t go wrong with Mexican + BBQ.

What Jeff does at PeachWorks: Jeff began his career working as a server and restaurant manager in NYC before being drawn to the growing tech scene. A self-taught programmer and developer, Jeff jumped into the tech world in 2000. He spent the next several years designing and developing enterprise software before starting the company that would become PeachWorks in 2005. Jeff was always passionate about giving back to the community and after years of experiencing first hand food waste in the restaurant industry, he was inspired. In 2011, he helped found a non-profit called Community Plates that rescues food by using technology to connect donors, volunteers and receiving agencies. Community Plates rescues millions of meals each year, continues to increase those numbers and is changing the world of food rescue with PeachWorks technology.

Jim McGinty, Director of Client Success at PeachWorks

Jim McGinty, VP of Operations

What's the best thing you ever ate? If you are ever in Kansas City you have to stop at Gates Bar-B-Q. It’s some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had. The sandwiches are stacked high with a selection of flavorful smoked meats to choose from - my favorite is the pulled pork. Their sauce is tomato based. I prefer their extra hot which is on the spicy side but they offer mild versions as well. Add a cold beer and it just doesn’t get much better. The restaurant is very casual and the service is fast. When you walk into the restaurant someone's going to greet you with, "Hello, may I help you?” This puts smile on my face every time. You will NOT be disappointed.

What Jim does at PeachWorks: Jim McGinty is the VP of Operations, a role in which he leverages over 25 years of experience in restaurant technology to make sure all of our customers get the maximum value out of their IT systems. Prior to PeachWorks, Jim spent time in IT and operations with Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon and Yum Brands, and now he leads our implementation, training, help desk, and client management groups. He is a passionate customer advocate and enjoys building teams and long-lasting partnerships. He has two beautiful granddaughters who he adores and can be found in his spare time playing with them or enjoying the great outdoors.

Karen Kanir 150

Karen Kanir, VP of Sales

What's the best thing you ever ate? If you are ever in Mount Lookout Ohio head to a little burger joint on the square called Zips. The burgers are fantastic but what made my experience so great there was the time I brought my three year old son in. While you are at your table eating you will notice a model train that runs around the perimeter of the restaurant about nine inches from the ceiling. Once my son spotted the train with its lights on and rolling he wanted those Zip's cheeseburgers from then on!

What Karen does at PeachWorks: Karen is the Vice President of Sales and she oversees all aspects of the sale and distribution of the PeachWorks suite of products with the direct sales team and channel partners. She brings nineteen years of executive management experience to the PeachWorks organization. Her previous positions include executive sales leader positions at Fidelity Investments, Gartner Research, Keene Consulting, Paychex, Allstate and Xerox.


Scott Conway, Director of Marketing

What's the best thing you ever ate? Westerville, Ohio is an historic college town in the suburbs of Columbus with a very active downtown of unique shops and restaurants. A friend and golf buddy of mine who has been a fixture in the central Ohio restaurant scene bought a 1950-style movie theater in the heart of the city and transformed it into a beautiful, novel restaurant. But he's all about the food. There's a fresh sea bass dish that is just magnificent, perfectly seasoned, and accompanied by home-grown vegetables and potatoes to die for. 8 State Bistro (the address is 8 State Street!) is always outdoing itself and my friend Kevin knows to call me when the sea bass is featured.  

What Scott does at PeachWorks: Scott is Director of Marketing and oversees all of PeachWorks' outward facing communications. He is an innovative thinker and world-class writer / communicator who has headed his own marketing consulting firm specializing in leveraging leading edge technology into conventional service industries. Working with more than 130 companies, Scott has accumulated invaluable insight into the business operations of organizations across a spectrum of industries and he contributes that knowledge to the PeachWorks brand.

Kristin Kerge 150

Kristin Kerge, Senior Product Manager

What's the best thing you ever ate? Our family loves to ski. A few years ago we booked a last minute trip to the Seven Springs resort in Champion, PA  but had to stay further out due to no hotel rooms at the resort.  The hotel was basically at an exit on the PA turnpike that definitely catered to truckers and didn’t have many exciting dining options.  There was a small family owned Italian restaurant next to the hotel named “Pagano’s”. The Chicken Parmesan was the best I had ever had in my life.  We all kept looking at each other in amazement that the food was really that good.  We ended up buying jars of the homemade sauce to take home and continued to go back there on all of our ski trips. 

What Kristin does at PeachWorks: Kristin is the Senior Product Manager at PeachWorks and leads the product development team.  She is responsible for the entire product life cycle from strategic planning to development to end-of-life for multiple products.  Prior to PeachWorks, she worked in Operations for Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon.  Kristin ultimately found her way into IT managing the POS and Backoffice systems for different steakhouse concepts.  She is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a degree in Marketing.

Board of Directors

Jim Kanir and Jeff Schacher (see above).

Robert (Bob) Taft is an accomplished CEO, board member and senior executive with more than 25 years of experience leading restaurant chains to consistently deliver results by improving the organizational culture, commitment, and overall image to increase shareholder value. He has been a restaurant entrepreneur acquiring and improving select brands and shaping a variety of successful restaurants and franchises including Pizza Hut, Au Bon Pain, Fuddruckers, Papa Gino's, Skippers, Paradise Bakeries, and Caffino, Inc. His extensive knowledge of how to jumpstart, build, and turnaround struggling operations through marketing, branding, franchise development, and operations excellence was gained through firsthand experience. He applies strong business acumen and distinct leadership abilities, using enthusiastic energy and a collaborative approach to develop long-term vision and execute strategy. Bob is energized by the pursuit of excellence to develop challenging opportunities in the restaurant industry.

Ryan Waddington joined Arsenal Venures as a Partner in 2014 and heads their Michigan office. In 2010, he co-founded Huron River Ventures, a leading early-stage venture firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that invests primarily in enterprise and consumer software companies serving the energy, transportation and agriculture sectors. Ryan has over 18 years of experience in investing, operating and consulting roles in energy, environmental and other sectors, and has led over $100 million worth of investments in more than 25 technology companies at seed, venture and growth equity stages, while at HRV, Ziff Brothers Investments, NextEnergy and DTE Energy.  Current and former director/observer roles include: Varsity News Network, Sidecar, Ambiq Micro, Root3 Technologies, Covaron Advanced Materials and Advent Solar (acquired by Applied Materials).

Dov Rosenberg has over a decade of experience working with high-growth technology companies serving a variety of industries. Dov is a director at Allos Ventures, which he joined upon its creation in 2010, having previously worked with the other Allos partners at Blue Chip Venture Company since 2005. Before beginning his venture capital career, Dov served on the management team at a privately-held manufacturing company, was a senior strategist in the Intellectual Property Strategy and Development group of Battelle Memorial Institute, and developed and managed the deployment of software as an IT consultant for Cap Gemini. Current and former director roles include: JackBe (acquired by Software AG), Jacobs Automation (acquired by Rockwell Automation), enosiX, and 7signal Solutions.