PeachWorks Inventory Integrates with Revel iPad POS

SOUTHFIELD, MI (September 20, 2016)

PeachWorks, the leading restaurant back-of-house platform for chain and independent fast casual, casual, and fine dining operations, today announced their integration with Revel Systems, the world’s leading iPad Point of Sale management solution for brick-and-mortar retail, food businesses and more.

With this new integration, Revel clients can manage their inventory more accurately by combining their recipes with real-time POS data.  PeachWorks Inventory and Recipe apps combine the simplicity of managing inventory on a spreadsheet with the power of a fully-integrated and mobile, cloud-based solution. This provides a more complete view of the entire inventory as well as the ability to easily add and track items and get nutritional information. Additionally, it enables users to perform counts, transfers, prep, and run powerful reports to track large variances and determine cost of sales. 

“We’re excited to partner with PeachWorks and provide our clients with a robust, cloud-based inventory platform that brings true innovation and simplicity to inventory management, which is essential to every restaurant’s day-to-day operations,” said Bobby Marhamat, Chief Revenue Officer at Revel Systems. “This integration is emblematic of the commitment Revel is making to our clients by ensuring that we are partnering with best-in-class companies like PeachWorks and seamlessly integrating Revel’s POS data into our clients preferred partner platforms.”

Several other PeachWorks apps will also use this new integration to offer additional value to Revel clients. Schedule App is a simple, yet powerful employee scheduling app and Analytics has a powerful set of reporting features to slice and dice any and all restaurant data, and POS Hub allows Revel clients the ability to combine their data from previous POS systems.
 “Revel clients can now use all of our apps to give them a complete restaurant management platform. Detailed insight into food, labor costs and profit margins allows for better decision making and management,” says Jeff Schacher, Founder and Chief Product Officer at PeachWorks. “With this level of information, they can make decisions that boost the bottom line, grow their business, and help them succeed in their segment or market.”

About PeachWorks

PeachWorks is the provider of the Peach platform, a cloud-based restaurant operations platform designed to simplify and streamline the business functions of running a successful restaurant. Built by a team that knows the restaurant industry inside and out, the Peach platform is a flexible, app-based system that works the way you do – and is fully and easily customizable to meet your restaurant’s unique needs for staff scheduling, inventory management, manager logs, visibility into point of sale data, employee communications and more.

About Revel Systems

Revel Systems iPad POS was founded in 2010 in San Francisco with the goal of changing the Point of Sale market. Founders Lisa Falzone and Christopher Ciabarra developed a quick, intuitive and secure iOS-based Point of Sale system by combining cloud-based technology and the mobility of the Apple iPad. Revel Systems software offers a feature-rich POS solution for restaurant, retail and enterprises with integrated payroll, inventory tracking, customer relationship management and more. With the introduction of the Revel Marketplace, Revel iPad POS System users can now integrate directly into third-party enhancements, including mobile payments, online ordering, gift or reward cards and advanced financial software suites. For more information on the new standard in Point of Sale, please visit