PeachWorks Unveils New Restaurant Staff Scheduling App

Schedule Builder

Southfield, MI (PRWEB) October 4, 2016

PeachWorks, the leading restaurant back-office platform for chain and independent fast casual, casual, and fine dining operations, announced today the availability of its self-service, mobile restaurant schedule app.

Restaurant staffing schedules have always been time consuming and difficult to manage. Reducing the time it takes to create and manage schedules means freeing up hours every week. In addition, managers have to respond to employees’ requests to switch shifts and take time off, which adds to the complexity.

PeachWorks has now created a simple way to overcome employee scheduling challenges. PeachWorks has been focused on making restaurants run better since 2005. Now, with the introduction of the new Schedule app, restaurant operators have a self-service tool that is easy to use, mobile-friendly, and customizable. Schedule provides the simplicity of a spreadsheet, the look of Gantt bar schedules, the speed of drag-and-drop, and the intelligence of real-time business rule conflicts and overtime alerts - all in a single window.

PeachWorks Schedule allows restaurant managers to spend less time creating schedules and managing conflicts and having your employees view their schedules and manage availability requests from the internet or their mobile phones. Employees can log in securely to view posted schedules, request days off, set preferred shift times, update availability, and swap shifts with other employees from either the Internet, email or using mobile text messages.

Store managers have the ability to quickly and easily approve or reject requests as they need. With Schedule’s tools, employees can view their schedules and manage availability requests.

"There are several employee scheduling systems for restaurants to choose from. What makes us different is the simplicity of our UI coupled with some very powerful features like our forecasting. And of course the best thing is it runs seamlessly with all of your other PeachWorks apps", said Jeff Schacher, Founder & Chief Product Officer.

About PeachWorks

PeachWorks is the provider of the Peach platform, a cloud-based restaurant operations platform designed to simplify and streamline the business functions of running a successful restaurant. Built by a team that knows the restaurant industry inside and out, the Peach platform is a flexible, app-based system that works the way you do – and is fully and easily customizable to meet your restaurant’s unique needs for staff scheduling, inventory management, manager logs, visibility into point of sale data, employee communications and more.