Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Deploys WhenToManage’s Retail and Data Management Solutions across Multiple Certified POS Systems


Franchiser’s IT Team Challenges the Status Quo to Achieve Improved Operational Performance

January 10, 2013

WhenToManage, the leading innovator of cloud-based software for the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries, today announced its suite of retail operations solutions, including point-of-sale (POS) intelligence, labor scheduling and inventory management tools, is now being deployed by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc., an international franchiser, confectionery manufacturer and retail operator. Previously limited by the POS software provided by the systems of its franchisees, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s enterprise IT team chose to switch to WhenToManage’s systems-neutral software for significantly improved functionality, reliability, and data management capabilities. In addition, franchisees now have the option to utilize WhenToManage’s user-friendly solutions on their system-of-choice for improved in-store operations.

“During our most recent evaluation of in-store IT we recognized that, with the introduction of variations in the RMCF brand, a one size fits all POS solution was no longer an optimal solution for our organization,“ said Key Jobson, Chief Information Officer, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. “That’s when we took a step back and realized we no longer need to be restricted to a single POS solution and that vendor’s retail analysis and reporting tool set. After reviewing options in the marketplace, we selected WhenToManage for its ability to work with many certified POS systems, while meeting our consolidated data and analytical operations needs on a corporate and store-by-store basis.”

WhenToManage retail management tools are being made available to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s 235 franchisees and 15 corporate stores in the U.S. Early adopting franchisees are in the process of implementing the WhenToManage suite-of-solutions, which includes web-based labor scheduling, POS reporting, inventory management and more, all bundled into one reporting platform.

“WhenToManage is in our sweet spot because it’s well-targeted to specialty retail, franchisee owners, and the needs of a large, global franchisor,” continued Jobson. “We are very satisfied with WhenToManage’s responsiveness in quickly applying their technology to our specific needs. Also, while we anticipate that most of our franchisees will adopt WhenToManage, the solution allows us corporately to collect, store and analyze data from all of our operators regardless of their participation.”

WhenToManage’s data collection and business intelligence tools will be used by the corporate marketing, finance and operations executives to monitor daily performance and strategic trends. It will also allow the management team to foster collaboration and the sharing of best practices among operators.

“We commend Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for not settling for the software that was dished out to them via their systems, thereby enabling them to significantly enhance the value of technology within their organization,” said Walker Thompson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, WhenToManage. “We are beginning to see a shift in the paradigm in which our systems-inclusive software is being selected before the systems themselves, since ultimately the data and analytical tools are most critical for success.”

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