WhenToManage Inventory Management Solution Does The Unthinkable - Saves 122 Manager Hours Per Week


New web-based invoice tracking functionality implemented to meet Lone Star’s need for automating inventory planning and allocation, maximizing manager productivity and increasing accounting accuracy.

Ann Arbor, MI: October 31, 2012

WhenToManage, innovator in web-based operations for restaurants and retailers, teamed again with Lone Star Steakhouse to increase the restaurant chain’s operational efficiencies, this time focusing on store-level inventory purchasing processes. Through a collaboration with Lone Star’s management and IT teams, WhenToManage constructed a more seamless supply-chain and recipe-costing solution which involves automating inventory accountability, maximizing manager productivity and increasing accounting accuracy. The inventory system enables Lone Star’s managers to stay abreast of exactly which items are available and up-to-the-minute costing and portion allocation for menu options. Once a food item is checked in and accounted for, the WhenToManage Inventory Management System can track it, prompt the need for reordering, and more.

“This upgrade took approximately six weeks to develop and test before we rolled it out to all of our 122 locations. As with any WhenToManage deployment, managers were provided training and clarification on the new process, and overall, this new development has generated raving fans,” notes John Tanski, IT field support manager, Lone Star Steakhouse. “Importing invoices directly into whentomanage.com eliminates the need for managers to enter the information manually into the system, saving approximately one-hour of time per restaurant or 122 total manhours per week – no small feat!”

The re-ordering text/email alerts help managers regulate inventory items, keeping par levels exact so that no minimums are exposed or expenses exceeded. The dynamically updated, automated process provides accurate details about food counts and the value of inventory carried at the store-level. Lone Star management can also use the data to improve efficiencies and spend more intelligently.

“WhenToManage has a passion for innovative solutions,” says Walker Thompson, VP Sales & Marketing, “and we appreciate an opportunity to work with our clients to create custom, unique and inspiring features we may not already have in our restaurant management solutions.” The new inventory feature is now available to WhenToManage's entire customer base as part of the inventory management platform.

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