Buy and build™

The real secret behind "powerful"

Buy and Build Restaurant Management Software

One system, one point of entry, unlimited creativity!

By choosing Peach as an application platform, companies/developers/data-hounds/operators enter a unique land of opportunity we call Buy and Build™. When an enterprise needs a restaurant management software solution, the common question is, "Do we buy it or build it?" To buy an off-the-shelf system that does most of what we want, or to build (design, develop, deploy, support, maintain) a system that does exactly what we want (until we change our minds). Most companies opt for the "buy" approach, and then try to push for (and pay for) the changes they would like to see.

Peach creates an opportunity for restaurants to buy AND build on three fronts

Custom software to manage restaurants

Buy the apps, and build your own custom features

How often have you wished you could change a few things about an application you were using? Now you can. PeachWorks offers a core suite of apps for managing restaurant inventory, scheduling, logs and checklists, team communications, and more. But almost everything about them can be modified by our customers. 

Customized restaurant software

Buy some apps,
and build your own

Maybe your restaurant has some special requirements that don’t fit the normal back office. Create your own custom apps on the Peach platform, allowing them to integrate with the other Peach apps and easily providing your users with a consistent, beautiful interface. You can even open your app up to other PeachWorks customers to turn it into a revenue stream!

Run your restaurant on a software platform

Buy the platform,
and build your own apps

Need something completely different? With the Peach platform, you can create anything you can imagine. We even run our internal company dashboard on it.