Why do I need a platform?

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All Restaurants Need a Technology Strategy

The restaurant industry is changing faster now than at any other time in history and it's changing for companies big and small. One thing that helps us manage all these changes is technology: it's never been easier for a business to find an app to make some part of their operations faster, better, or simpler. But the technology choices you make today are going to have an enormous impact on how you can grow and innovate in the future.

What is a technology strategy?

A technology strategy is a set of objectives, principles, and decisions related to the use and development of technology that is intended to provide a competitive advantage and is part of the company's overall competitive strategy. In plain English, it means using technology to increase the value of your business. Developing a restaurant technology strategy is much easier than you think and will make a tremendous difference in how easily you will be able to grow and adapt to changes in the future.

Why does my restaurant need a technology strategy?

When most restaurants create their technology strategies, they quickly realize they have lots of things they'd like to do, but only have time to do one or two to start. But while choosing one or two apps may seem simple today, they realize that if those apps can't be easily integrated with other solutions and restaurant systems or customized to meet new requirements down the road, they'll quickly find themselves unable to have their technology keep up with their business needs.

How can the PeachWorks platform help?

At PeachWorks, we realized that no one in our industry had built a technology solution for restaurants with this problem in mind.  That's why we designed and built an entirely new platform. Our restaurant management platform makes it simple for restaurants of all sizes to adopt a set of technology objectives and principles and make decisions to provide a clear competitive advantage. So you can use just the apps you need today, while maintaining the flexibility to modify or add new apps in the future.  And you can do this without having to worry about obsolescence or integration problems.

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