A Restaurant Management Platform for Today and Tomorrow

The technology decisions you make for your restaurant today will impact your operations for years to come. Technology is changing faster and faster which makes it even more important that you choose the right software platform to run your operations now.

We know three things about the future...

Software is becoming more mobile
Most companies these days have separate mobile apps for their users, but these apps can quickly become out of date as new features are added. Our platform is mobile first, meaning our products are designed and built for mobile devices first, 100% of our functionality is always available on any device. We obsess over our user experience and ease of use. We believe that if software needs a manual, it’s broken.
Software is becoming more connected
Integrations can be a challenge and every day you have more things you want to connect to. You want to connect to your POS, your kitchen display system, your freezers, your fryers, your thermometers, your food vendors, your employees, your social media, and whatever you think of next week. Our platform has an API first design, which means 100% of your data can be accessed anywhere and anytime via our Rest API and we can store any type of data from any system and make it just as accessible.
Software is becoming smarter
There is an Artificial Intelligence revolution underway, Google’s AI can now accurately guess your rough sketches. What is AI going to do for restaurants? It’s going to do a lot, it will find connections and patterns in your customer data, it will make suggestions on how to run your operation more efficiently, and finally it will make your life easier. We have some exciting things in the works in this area, stay tuned.

We just announced our new Foundations App Development Platform!
Now you can completely customize your back-office experience.

Our Platform Vision

We’ve been in the restaurant management software business since 2005. We put all of the knowledge we accumulated at PeachWorks and in the restaurant industry into the new platform we launched in 2016:

We've all used ugly software. It’s easy to put a bunch of forms and buttons on a page, but simple and clean design is very hard. The perfect user experience is a never-ending journey, but we are on it.
100% Mobile
It's a mobile world, and users want to work from their hand-held tablets and smartphones. Mobile functionality cannot be a subset of the web-based version when many users may never even log in from a laptop or desktop computer.
Easy to learn
Restaurant turnover is high and new employees need to learn quickly. So software needs to have training and ramp-up processes built right in to get users started quickly. As Elon Musk says. “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”
Many restaurants use products from several companies to manage their operations. That can mean multiple websites and logins, but also long learning curves and lower productivity when users have to learn and interact with multiple interfaces. We wanted a single system to simply manage it all.
The other problem for restaurants with multiple systems is that the data is separated, leaving companies to figure out their own imports and exports or doing manual processes to stitch everything together. We had to make it as easy as possible to access every bit of your data.
Wouldn’t it be great if customers could customize our products and even build their own and have everything running together seamlessly? We wanted to build a platform that could eventually be made public with tools for developers to enhance our products and create their own. In the meantime, our developers are enjoying keeping it all to themselves.