A Fully Integrated Restaurant Management Solution

See How It Works

Restaurant profits are earned or lost in the back-of-the-house. Big chains know that and they remove risk with automation. PeachWorks manages and automates the most labor-intensive, error-prone back office functions, such as inventory and scheduling. Watch our video to see how PeachWorks can automate your restaurant management to take the guesswork out of your profitability.

The Platform Matters

We are on a mission to build the most powerful restaurant management platform with the most complete suite of easy-to-use products available. We believe a product is only as strong as its foundation and we have spent years designing and building ours. We have three guiding principles.
In the chaotic world of a restaurant, anything that's not fast and intuitive will go unused or worse, be used incorrectly. That's why every PeachWorks product is designed to be usable with little to no training. Not to mention, it’s 100% usable on any mobile device.
We are passionate about helping our customers of all sizes solve their business challenges, improve their operations, better serve their customers, and increase their profitability. By leveraging restaurant software from PeachWorks, restaurateurs gain complete visibility into their data, which enables better decision-making.
Being open is about connecting to the systems you have today and connecting to the systems you will have in the future. With our complete, robust REST API, we provide the ability to connect any system with or without our help.

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