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Intuitive restaurant management that seamlessly integrates with all of your systems.

Use our drill down Point-of-Sale Reporting interface to see your entire organization including Employee Scheduling, Inventory Management, etc., and then move through levels of detail, all the way to the check level. On each level of the report, key details can be clicked to zero in, allowing you to easily get to the bottom of things.

Seamless integration restaurant POS



Scheduling according to forecasted labor has never been faster or easier; plus you can save up to 2% or more on labor costs.


inventory management


Managing inventory levels on a daily or weekly basis can reduce food costs up to 4% or more by curbing waste and eliminating theft.


pos reporting

Point of Sale

Reports like table turns, cost of sales by menu item, variance and more can increase profitability by thousands of dollars.


enterprise management


Enterprise management solutions assist multi-unit operators in monitoring performance, while fostering collaboration.


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Supercharging the Point of Sale

“Bringing enterprise reporting and back-office restaurant operations software, apps to my customers is quickly becoming a critical path objective for my business.  Restaurant operators are not only asking for restaurant management apps as part of a Point of Sale System sale, they demand it!

Lowering food costs and labor costs means layering pos systems with a solution like PeachWorks — we present it to our customers as an integrated approach, whereby the entire service chain is linked: employees know their schedules and work demands, managers get a more systematized approach to inventory management and the exec teams have a clearer understanding on the threats and opportunities within the business.”

— Bret Gundlach, Transform Technologies

Create custom apps with our open platform.


You know best how to run your business; that’s why we developed an ‘open-platform’ to allow us, you, or anyone to build restaurant operations and marketing apps that can talk to each other. Imagine if your world was connected — your POS system > accounting software > Facebook > ERP > HR tools > catering systems > promotional tools and/or anything that utilizes web services.

In fact, if you like most of what one of our products does, we’ll give you the source code so you can tweak it to get it to be 100% of what you want.



Don’t take our word for it, here’s what customers say.

“We went from a hand-built paper-based system to a repeatable web-based solution with connections to our POS system. It was like going from a ‘I think we’re making money on that’ to ‘hey, I just found out how to make 10% more on this’. We’ve become smarter operators, which means better costs for our customers and happier employees.”

Dave White, Director of Chaos

New Holland Brewery



“Just by eliminating the practice of manipulating inventory levels, WhenToManage helped us improve our bottom line and energized the Executive team to do more and spread the application to all the departments — that’s when the collaboration really happened.”

John Tanski, IT Field Support Manager

Lone Star Steakhouse


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