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Products – Restaurant Management Software

Technology that moves you ahead…

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Every Tuesday and Thursday we host a free, thirty-minute online product tour. See for yourself how easy and powerful, the PeachWorks restaurant operating system is. Just click the button to sign up for our next tour!

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Our Cloud-Based Restaurant Operating System Makes Your Restaurant More Efficient

PeachWorks everywhere solutions boost performance across all levels of your business. Collect, Calculate, Collaborate and Control everything that’s essential for your team. Safe and secure.

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POS Intelligence

We help you manage your restaurant smarter by collecting the data throughout your organization and POS systems, then provide clear views via our innovative reporting platform.

Restaurant POS Management Software

Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory costs are your largest expense and the most challenging to control costs. From waste and theft to menu pricing, we provide the tools to overcome any challenge presented to you.


Employee Scheduling

Is your labor scheduling process optimized? We’ve made it easy. With a few clicks of the mouse you can auto-fill a schedule to optimize labor costs, and manage your schedule from anywhere.



Multiple locations? Different POS systems? Not a problem. Instantly connect multiple restaurant locations with a click of the mouse and level the playing field.

Dig Deep and Track Issues.

With our drill down reporting system, you start with a general summary of your entire organization, and can then move through levels of detail, all the way to the check level. Your restaurants are going to be so efficient! On each level of the report, key details can be clicked to focus on just that item, allowing you to quickly traverse the information trail.

Deliver Information to Anyone on Time.

Best of all, report subscriptions allow you to save a customized report as a subscription, and it is automatically emailed to you, your managers, or groups within your organization — at the intervals you choose. No log-in is required, and the report is even readable on most mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Android. Ensuring that critical information is in front of your busy managers has never been easier.